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shesgottahaveit on  15/11/07 07:59 PM 
omg lurrrrve puppies!!!!

thesexler on  14/11/07 11:35 PM 
i got a new puppy last week! she is a dashchund. her name is Mia. Take a look!

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shesgottahaveit on  5/11/07 08:17 PM 
ah  but nikij, those themes are kind of as old as time.  remember the bible?  i thought 100 years was purposefully parallel to the bible, or at least it seemed that way to me.

i guess what i got out of the 2 books was so completely different, i wouldn't have even thought to compare them.  illuminated to me was about love, and memories, and growing up.  the way their friendship grew was beautiful in a kind of unexpected way.  and you're right, the butchered slang was absolutely brilliant!!

what i loved about 100 years was the surreal elasticity of time and reality.  very mexican!  i think i actually attended a book discussion group for this one (or else we just ended up talking about it, i can't remember which).  *sigh* i miss my germany book group!  the library here only has a crappy "mystery" group.

also, seconded that cgc should write a novel :-)

nicour on  1/11/07 11:04 PM 
I wish I could, CGC. I still haven't edited the one I did last year! It was such a good experience though. Someone should! How about you?

nicour on  31/10/07 09:05 AM 
On Everything is Illuminated- Oooo! I've been wanting to talk about this book with you guys ever since I read it last year. I loved that book when I first read it, but shortly thereafter I read "100 Years of Solitude" and "Middlesex" and I realized that something just wasn't right for me about Illuminated anymore. I still think the entire half with Alex in it, written in his slang, is PURE genius. But the history part of it, following the Jewish enclave of that village through time, now seems like a near direct copy of 100 Years of Solitude. They even have the same ending, and some of the same characters (the girl so beautiful she brings evil upon the town, the lusty manchild who fucks the whole village until love tames him, the child carried away by nature, for example). Jeffrey Eugenides, who wrote Middlesex, was heavily influenced by 100 Years, and was Jonathan Safran Foyer's thesis mentor as he was writing Illuminated.

While I was reading the book, I would sometimes be listening to Gogol Bordello and use that to understand Alex's strange diction, so it was a stroke of genius to include him in the movie as Alex. I thought Frodo did a bad job though as the narrator, he seems to be trying way too hard. If this were Netflix, I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

I want to see a movie made of Middlesex now. But I worry it wouldn't capture the greatness of that book. In fact, it might even be horribly dull.

Oh yeah, and:


shesgottahaveit on  30/10/07 08:10 PM 
there's a funny "vegetarians are strange" theme in everything is illuminated as well.  he goes the the chezch republic and everyone is like, "not even sausage??!!!?"  at the restaurant all he gets, after a lot of arguing, is one boiled potato.  and it falls on the floor.  awesome movie, for anyone who hasn't seen it.  book is fantastic too.

although i wonder if the russian lady was a culture/language thing too.  in arabic, fish does not fall in the category described by the word "meat" (lahma).  perhaps saying, "i only eat vegetables" would help clarify for people from countries where vegetarianism is not common?

i am a language and culture geek.  love thinking about this stuff.

*sigh* i have an adorable photo of me and khalil kissing.  as for why he left, i guess if i knew why, my life might be easier right now.  i think it was mostly maladjustment issues: the U.S was a little too much for him.  but that is purely conjecture on my part, because he never really told me why he left.

also, 50k = sweetness.  good luck!

anyone have any cool costume for halloween?

i've got these tattoo sleeves made from pantyhose material.  wearing my normal work uniform, but with tatto lseeves and marker drawings on all the rest of my exposed skin: lydia the tattoed lady!!  (and yes, i will be singing the song all day.  wish i knew more of the lyrics!)

jaymelee1 on  25/10/07 08:35 AM 
nikij - not only have i seen it, not only do i like it, i own my big fat greek wedding on dvd

nicour on  25/10/07 01:27 AM 
Haha, Jayme, did you ever see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? The guy marrying into the big greek family is vegetarian too, and an aunt comes up and tells him she wants to cook them a big meal. When the bride to be tells her aunt he doesn't eat meat, she flips and says, "He don't eat MEAT? HE DON'T EAT MEAT?!" then changes her mind and says, "It's okay, I cook you lamb!"

I like that movie, even though part of me feels very guilty for liking it.

jaymelee1 on  24/10/07 10:13 PM 
oh, and!
i made vegan chocolate cake last weekend!! i got too poor and ran out of time to prepare something more fantastic for B's birthday (plus his parents wanted to take him to a fancy thai place for dinner). either way, its safe to say that i am a fantastic baker and could rival martha stewart. making it again for B's birthday party this weekend for him and all his vegan friends.

also, this old russian lady at work offered my sushi today, i said, "no i don't eat meat. i'm vegetarian." she said, "there's no meat in it." i said, "crab meat" she said, "that's fish. not meat." i think she might have tried to force me if i also wasn't horribly allergic to all shell fish.

thesexler on  16/10/07 12:51 PM 
hey steph! missed you too!

as for the subbing- i might not be doing it now. i got a call from a staffing agency today about becoming a personal assistant to some rich family in the area. they put on events at their house that they need help planning. i'm going for an interview with the staffing agent tomorrow, so wish me luck! i can make up to 50k. woo!

why did your husband leave?

shesgottahaveit on  16/10/07 03:17 AM 
 hey sexler!  missed ya!

subbing's fun, but it's not a real insight into what teaching is like.  i had that same idea, actually, and have been subbing for a little over a year (now much less than last year).  it is always an adventure, often interesting, and not at all like real teaching.  even if you snag a long-term, it's tough to really feel like you've gotten your feet wet in teaching, because you'll always be "the sub", even if they only had their "real" teacher for a couple weeks.  one good thing subbing is for: deciding what grades you might be interested in teaching.  i discovered that i cannot stand 7th graders, for example, and would never *ever* choose to work with them.  i honestly liked being a sub and it was good for my restless spirit, since i was somewhere different every day.  so it's a worthwhile experience, flexible hours (which is fantastic), and altogether not a bad way to make money.  a major drawback is that it's not stable: sometimes there just aren't jobs (like during spring break, for example).  i'd reccommend having another part-time something to keep your income relatively stable.

as for me, i work mostly at a restaurant, am in the process of starting a nonprofit for english education, and my husband left town almost a year ago but might be coming back soon.  plus i have a snake and a garden.  (these last two really make me happier)

nicour on  4/9/07 11:43 PM 
Hi guys,

I just finished reading Harry Potter and I know quite a few of you have as well. Would anyone like to discuss it?


geinafets on  2/9/07 10:26 PM 

I just realized I had not visited here in at least two months. I was sad to see only one new post since the last time I checked. I guess our place has finally died.

alexwill83 on  3/7/07 11:50 PM 
hi everyone :) I have nothing much to share right now, but i'll be back to soon.

shesgottahaveit on  5/4/07 07:26 PM 
i told my landlord i wouldn't be able to pay rent on time this month.  he was not amused.

but he made a fake, strained laugh for my benefit.  hindsight says, perhaps i shouldn't piss off my landlord. 

geinafets on  2/4/07 05:26 PM 

Did anyone do/fall victim to any good April Fool's Day pranks yesterday?

geinafets on  20/3/07 12:18 AM 
i'm glad you like it : )

aen1ma on  17/3/07 11:47 AM 
stef: i got yr postcard. it was beautiful.
you made me hungry!

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