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thesexler on  14/3/07 12:19 PM 
hahaha i'm so excited for the larger than life texas! you are lucky you got that job in ny before you did americorps because i wont be making shit-diddily! i'll be cutting coupons and holding a cup with change on the street corner!!

steph i didn't realize phoenix was that far away! are you serious??

8 days till i leave...yall better come visit! i can't wait to get my twang!

_sui_ on  8/3/07 03:59 PM 
Is today Evan's birthday??  If it is... and if you are indeed still alive, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN!!!

shesgottahaveit on  7/3/07 08:09 PM 
sexler - that's like, mega-soonish :-)  houston's probably a good 25-ish hours on the road from phoenix; not all that close.  did the drive once and it wasn't my favorite road trip.  but i'm sure there's somewhere in the middle we could meet.  keep in touch once you get there :-)

stef - i'm not living in mexico, but i will pretend to be a beach bum during spring break next week.  looks like i might have to go it alone, though :-/

nicour on  7/3/07 10:00 PM 
Sexler, for some reason I can totally see you living temporarily in Texas. You know, they say EVERYTHING is bigger there ; )
I was THIS close to joining Americrp VISTA myself, out in LA, when my New York job came through. I admire you and Jayme for making the commitment to bettering the nation's youth! Congratulations, and Good Luck!

Babel- I LOVED Rinko Kikuchi's character, and how expertly the actress pulled it off. So beautiful in the end, I was crying. It really made me feel how isolated people are, how painful it is not to be one with everyone. Like in the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the pain and despair of separateness are a direct result of humanity trying to have an identity, to be individual.

Which reminds me, Evan, are you still alive?

thesexler on  4/3/07 08:14 PM 
jayme- definitely! i'll keep in touch on here or myspace and let you know how it goes and everything! the organization i'm working with is called Tech Corps Texas. I'm working as part of the AmeriCorps VISTA. The organization brings technology to middle schools by bringing in computers and having the students go through a certification process. It also creates a special group of students that work the technology help desk center in the school. I'm going to be doing more administrative stuff such as fundraising and program development.

steph!- how far are you from houston then? we definitely have to meet up! im sure i'll have to get settled down first but as soon as things get rolling we can meet somewhere! i also want to go to mexico some time since i've never should come with! i'm coming march 22nd. can't wait to finally meet you!

geinafets on  3/3/07 09:42 AM 

wow! since when have you been living in mexico? that sounds pretty awesome.

shesgottahaveit on  1/3/07 10:21 PM 
hey sexler, we'll practically be neighbors!  when are you moving?  wanna meet in el paso?  or perhaps colorado springs? (my sis manages a hotel there)  i've been in houston like three times in the past two months, but not outside the airport.  it's where all the flights from phx to anywhere east seem to go through.  they have an airport named after our ridiculous president.  it kind of makes me not want to go there.

but i am looking for something to do during spring break.  i have a week of no jobs and no idea what to do with myself without much money.  march 12-16, any ideas?  maybe i'll drive to mexico and live on the beach for a week . . . .

jaymelee1 on  26/2/07 12:43 PM 

I'm moving, maybe next year, but not sure where, but can promise i won't be in texas. either way, super excited that you're doing americorps. since that's what my master's thesis is on, i was wondering, what kind of program you're doing and once you get going do you think i could, like, talk to you about it or something? cause that would be sweet.


also, babel. really was fantastic.

thesexler on  26/2/07 12:15 PM 
it's been a long time since i've posted on here. guess i got carried away with life! just wanted to mention that i'm moving to houston texas for an americorps program there and i was wondering if anyone lived around there. i wont know anyone and it would be great to meet up with some different shareboarders! also my place is always welcome if anyone wants to make a trip to mexico and get drunk off coronas! miss you guys. xoxoxo

jaymelee1 on  21/2/07 05:19 PM 
we rented Babel last night, due to jet lag we got only half way, will finish tonight before lost. so far, i'm liking. which is perhaps the least insightful thing to say, more later

geinafets on  9/2/07 03:02 PM 
I haven't seen it, but I'd like to. I've heard so many good things about it.
I'll have to check if any of the local theatres are showing it!

nicour on  6/2/07 10:43 PM 
in February?!

Ay ay ay!

Anyway, how's it hangin? Did anyone here see the movie "Babel"? I loved it. I'd like to disscuss.

shesgottahaveit on  19/12/06 04:23 AM 
one time rabbit told me this story about it raining tiny tiny frogs in mauritius.  i keep dreaming about it . . . .

bonslover on  16/12/06 02:12 PM 
Hello. I miss you guys so very much.


shesgottahaveit on  9/12/06 08:24 AM 
the oreos were indeed dipped in batter, then deep fried, then drowned in chocolate syrup and whipped cream.  they should have a heart attack waiver for that crap!

we could do secret new year presents??
but this girl is bitter anyway because the mail eats all her good stuff.

my lizard is sick and i'm worried.  i'm crazy about that little monster.  i thought he might be dead last night for a minute and i felt like i was hit by a train, i couldn't breathe.  sat in front of his cage for about an hour just watching the poor guy breathe, then i slept on the couch just to be near him.  he's been not himself lately but i can't even afford to send myself to the doctor, much less my pet.  after last night, i don't care about the money anymore.  i felt like such an ass for even thinking about money when it comes to caring for a creature that depends on me completely.  he's been my pet for 15 years, my joy and my burden.  my husband thinks it's crazy to love an animal, but i can't imagine that anyone could spend 15 years caring for a creature and *not* love it.  anyway he's fairly old but it's a good five years before he'll reach the average age for iguanas to die so i've got an appointment with the vet.  i hope he's okay.

aen1ma on  8/12/06 05:50 PM 
were the oreos in batter?

it reminds of of that simpsons episode where homer's all "butter up that bacon boy".

now now, how to get more fat into my diet? intravenous cheese injections anyone?

distractme on  7/12/06 07:43 PM 
oh, if we are doing that i am in, though it seems prehaps too late. maybe europe secret santa and america secret sanra

geinafets on  4/12/06 07:20 PM 

I haven't gotten an email from santa to tell me who I am a Secret Santa for. Are we still going to do present trades? I'm willing to organize if everyone wants me to give me their addresses.

shesgottahaveit on  1/12/06 06:51 AM 
so, the founders of mcdonald's were named mac and richard.  we have a big mac, how come there's no big dick?

shesgottahaveit on  27/11/06 07:05 AM 
miss you guys.  miss the internet.  need a computer, seriously.

i saw a vedor making fried oreos at a fair last week,  it looked absolutely disgusting, but the guy ordering was raving.  his description, however, made it sound even nastier than i had originally surmised.

i love cherry coke icees.  the regular coke ones usually taste like ass, though.

the snoop was excellent, and jay-z was badass.

hrmm, i didn't say "ass" enough in this post.

ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass

there, that's better :-)

my dad was watching a lawyer show, while i was bouncing in and out doing my laundry.  i saw william shatner say, "the midget i'm dating might be my daughter!!  it's not an easy time for me."  that's funny shit, right there.

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